2019 Sermons
Dec 1  Advent
Nov 24 The Purpose of What's In Your Wallet?                     Read
Nov 17 Theology of What's In Your Wallet?                       
Nov 10 The Ladder of Inference
Nov 3  What We See
Questions 4-part Sermon Series
Oct 27 If Only?                                                  Read
Oct 20 Why?                                                      Read
Oct 13 Thirsty?                                                  Read

Oct 6 What Sign?

Sep 29 Guest Pastor

Jonah Sermon Series

Sep 22  Anger Management Jonah 4:2-9a                                                                                  Read
Sep 15  Worst Sermon Ever Jonah 3:1-5                                                                                    Read
Sep 8    How Not To Pray     Jonah 2:1-4, 9                                                                                Read
Sep 1    Day of Reckoning    Jonah 1:5-12                                                                                  Read
Aug 25 On The Run             Jonah 1:1-4                                                                                    Read

Aug 18
                                                                                                                                           Guest Pastor
Aug 11                                                                                                                                           Guest Pastor
Aug 4 Setting Your Mind
Jul 28 Luther on the Lord's Prayer
Guest Pastor
Faith Lessons from Nehemiah - 3-part Series

Jul 21 Real.  Present.  God                                                                                                          Read
Jul 14
Guest Pastor
Jul 7  A Lesson In Perseverance
Jun 30 A Lesson In Overcoming Adversity

Jun 23 The Look of Trust
Jun 16 Father's Day and Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit                                                     Guest Pastor
Sermon Series :  Love Is ...
Jun 9    Love is...The Greatest         John 13:1-5                                                                       Read
Jun 2    Love is...Truthful                 Joshua 7:1,10-11,16-21                                                    Read
May 26 Love is...Not Irritable         Luke 18:1-7                                                                       Read
May 19 Love is...Not Arrogant Isaiah 2:5,7-9,11                                                                      Read
May 12 Love is..Patient                    1 Samuel 13:5, 8-13                                                         Read
May 5   Love is...The Better Way    1 Cor. 13                                                                           Read

Apr 28                                                                                                                                          Guest Pastor
Apr 21 Resurrection Day !     H.O.P.E.                                                                                    Read
Apr 18 He Knows
Apr 14 The Trial: A Place of God's Will   Luke 22:63-23:25                                                 Read
Apr 10 Dead End                                                                                                                        Read
Apr 7   The  Courtyard: A Place of Renewal    Luke 22:54-62                                              Read
Apr 3   One Way                                                                                                                         Read
Mar 31 The Betrayal: A Place of Eternal Love   Luke 22:47-53                                           Read
Mar 27 Stop                                                                                                                                Read
Mar 24 Gethsemane: A Place of Strength   Luke 22:39-46                                                    Read
Mar 20 Yield                                                                                                                               Read
Mar 17 The Upper Room - A Place of Hope  Luke 22:14-38                                                 Read
Mar 13 Merge                                                                                                                             Read
Mar 10 A Place at the Table for You Luke 22:1-13                                                                 Read
Mar 6  U-Turn                                                                                                                             Read

---Lent 2019 begins Mid-Week theme: Signs of Lent; Lent Sundays theme: Places of Passion

Mar 3  Right Idea - Wrong Mountain                                                                                      Read
Feb 24 Reconciliation
Feb 17 Guest Pastor

Identity In Christ - 2 Part Series
Feb 10 Identity In Christ, Pt 2                                                                                                  Read
Feb 3   Identity In Christ, Pt 1                                                                                                  Read
Jan 27 Burn The Ships, Pt 2
Jan 20 Trusting Grace
Jan 13 - Baptized
Jan 6 - Epiphany

2018 Sermons
Dec 30                                                                                                                                          Guest Pastor
Dec 24 Christmas Eve - From Stable to Stability                                                                    Read
Advent Services 
Dec 23 Our Guide                                                                                                                       Read
Dec 19 It's a Wonderful Life - Believe It                                                                                  Read
Dec 16 Our Living Branch                                                                                                        Read
Dec 12 It's a Wonderful Life - Hope In It                                                                                Read
Dec 9 Our Shepherd                                                                                                                  Read 
Dec  5 It's a Wonderful Life - Endure It                                                                                  Read
Dec  2 Our Potter                                                                                                                       Read

Nov 25 The Time is Nearer Than Ever                                                                                    Guest Pastor

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude Sermon Mini-Series

Nov 18 From Internal to External                              Read
Nov 11 From Grumbling to Gratitude                            Read   Notes 

Nov 4  Hope Beyond Reality !                                  Read
Oct 28 Free !                                                 Read

Oct 21 The Joy of Giving                                      Read
Oct 14 The Faithfulness of Giving
Oct 7  The Spirituality of Giving                             Read

Sep 30 The Treasure of Giving                                 Read
Sep 23 Upside Down                                            Read
Sep 16 Doubt Consolidation
Sep 9  Fear Not !
Sep 2  Mirror, Mirror (no audio)                              Read

Aug 26 From The Inside Out                                    Read
Aug 19 Choices                                                Guest Pastor
Just 3 Things              Sermon Series
Aug 12 A More Confident Assurance of Your Love                Read
Aug 5  A Greater Faith In His Power                           Read
Jul 29 A Clearer ViSion of His Truth                          Read

Jul 22
Trust                                                  Guest Pastor

Why Do We Need Jesus ?     Sermon Series

Jul 15 Seals Our Destiny                                      Read
Jul 8  He Equips Our Journey                                  Read
Jul 1  Heal Our Hearts                                        Read 
Jun 24 He Calms Our Storms
Jun 17                                                        Guest Pastor
Jun 10
                                                        Guest Pastor
Jun 3  Treasure                                               Read

Self-Destruct: Fighting Sin and Finding Grace Sermon Series
May 27 Timidity - Acts 4:1-8, 12-13                           Read
May 20 C
onflict - James 4:1-3, 8-10                           Read
May 13 U
nbelief - Jude 3-4, 20-21                             Read
May 6  R
age - Ephesians 4:26-32                               Guest Pastor
Apr 29 T
rivia - 2 Chronicles                                  Read
Apr 22 S
lander - Gensis 39: 1,6,11-14                         Read
Apr 15 E
vasion - Acts 5: 1-4                                  Read
Apr 8  D
oubt - Genesis 3:1-6                                  Read
Apr 1 Resurrection Day !                                      Read
Mar 29 Maundy Thursday                                        Read
Sunday Lent Series: The Gospel in Seven Words

Mar 25 The Gospel In Your Words  (Palm Sunday)                Read
Mar 18 Death to Life                                          Read
Mar 11 Captivity and Freedom                                  Read
Mar 4  Who Am I, Really ?                                     Read
Feb 25 The Gospel in Seven Words

Wednesday Lent Series: Thy Will Be Done
Mar 21
Mar 14 Nathan                                                 Guest Pastor
Mar 7  Paul                                                   Read
Feb 28 Mary
Feb 21 Moses
Feb 14 Isaac

Sermon Series: The God Questions
Feb 11 What Will Heaven Be like ?                             Read
Feb 4  Which Is Right: Evolution or Creation ?                Read
Jan 28 How Can a Good God Allow Suffering ?                   Read
Jan 21 Is the Bible Real?                                     Read
Jan 14 Is God Real?                                           Read

Jan 7  Faith Improvement Resolution                           Read

2017 Sermons
Dec 31                                                        Guest Pastor
Dec 24 Christmas Eve                                          Read
Advent Series
Sunday Sermons - The Word Became Flesh
Dec 17 The Word Dwelt Among Us (John 1:14b)                   Read
Dec 10 Chosen Children  (John 1:12b)                          Read
Dec 3  You Have My Word (John 1:1-5)                          Read     Notes
Mid-Week Advent - Given
Dec 20 Given for Joy   (1 Thess. 5:12-24)                     Read
Dec 13 Given for Peace (Isaiah 9:2-7)                         Read
Dec 6  Given for Hope  (Psalm 42)                             Read
Nov 26                                                        Guest Pastor
Nov 19 Treasure Investing                                     Read
Nov 12 Living Hope                                            Read
Nov 5  Destiny                                                Read
5-Part Reformation Sermon Series - Sola: What Matters Most
Oct 29 Soli Deo Gloria Col 3:12-17                            Read
Oct 22 Sola Scriptura  1 Cor 4:1-4,6                          Read
Oct 15 Sola Fide       Rom 3:25-28                            Read
Oct 8  Sola Gratia     Matt 20:1-4; 6-7;9-11;13-15            Read
Oct 1  Solus Christus   John 3:26-30                          Read
Transformed Living (4 - part Series)
Sep 24 Transformed Living                                     Read
Sep 17 Transformed Living                                     Read
Sep 10 Transformed Living                                     Read
Sep 3  Transformed Living no recording)                       Read
Aug 27 Thy Will Be Done                                       Read
Aug 20 Guest Pastor               
Aug 13 Guest Pastor
Aug 6  no recording due to direct lightning hit !
Jul 30 What Part of 'No' Don't You Understand                 Read
Jul 23 Guest Pastor
Lessons from Isaiah & Jeremiah - Building Trust
Jul 16 Building Trust
Jul 9  Building Trust                                         Read
Jul 2  Building Trust (no recording)                          Read
Jun 25 Building Trust                                         Read
Jun 18 Guest Pastor
Jun 11 Disciples                                              Read
Jun 4                                                         Guest Pastor

The New Moral Code  (5-part Sermon Series)
May 28 People can believe whatever they want as long as...    Read
May 21 Enjoying yourself is the highest goal in life          Read
May 14 To be fulfilled, pursue the things you desire most     Read
May 7  People should not criticise other's life choices       Read
Apr 30 To find yourself, look within yourself                 Read

Apr 23                                                        Guest Pastor
Apr 16 Going Viral                                            Read

Apr 9  The Veil                                               Read
Lenten Services - Sunday
Apr 2  Resurrected                                            Read
Mar 26 Glorified                                              Read
Mar 19 Life Water                                             Read
Mar 12 Born Again                                             Read 
Mar 5  Temple                                                 Read
Lenten Services - Mid-Week
Apr 5  Obedience                                              Read
Mar 29 Judgement                                              Guest Pastor
Mar 22 Declaration                                            Read
Mar 8  Betrayal                                               Read
Mar 1  Ash Wednesday "Confession"                             Read

Feb 26 Transfiguration                                        Guest Pastor
Feb 19 Dealing with Vengefulness                              Read
Feb 12 Dealing with Anger                                     Read
Feb 5                                                         Guest Pastor
Jan 29 Respond                                                Read
Jan 22 Relate                                                 Read
Jan 15 Rely                                                   Read
Jan 8  Walking In Newness                                     Read
Jan 1  Simeon and Christ's Presence                           Read

2016 Sermons
Dec 24 Christmas Eve 10 PM                                    Read
Dec 24 Christmas Eve 7 PM                                    

Dec 21                                                        Read
Dec 18 Living as Apostles                                     Read
Dec 14 The Gift of Peace                                      Read
Dec 11 Living Patiently                                       Read
Dec 7  The Gift of Love                                       Read
Dec 4  Living Hopeful                                         Read
Nov 30 The Gift of Hope (no recording)                        Read
Nov 27                                                        Guest Pastor
Nov 20 Being People of Distinction                            Read

Nov 13 Looking Fearlessly Into The Future                     Read
Nov  6 Seeing Past Seeing                                     Read
Leading Generously 5-part Stewardship Series
Oct 30 Essence                                                Read
Oct 23 Capacity                                               Read
Oct 16                                                        Guest Pastor
Oct  9 Ambition                                               Read
Oct  2 Legacy                                                 Read
Sep 25 Promise                                                Read

Hope for Wilderness Wonderers !          (5-part series)
Sep 18 When We Want To Forget                                 Read
Sep 11 When There Is A Need For Change                        Read
Sep  4 When Things Look Bigger Than They Are                  Read
Aug 28 When We Grumble and Forget Where We Are                Read
Aug 21 When Our Backs Are Against The Wall                    Read

Aug 14                                                        Guest Pastor

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste !  (2-part series)
Aug  7 Worry                                                  Read
Jul 31 Covetousness                                           Read

Jul 24                                                        Guest Pastor

Overcoming Life's Messes          (4-part sermon series)
Jul 17 - Pride-Filled Choices                                 Read
Jul 10 - Betrayal                                             Read
Jul  3 - Temptations                                          Read
Jun 26 - Best Intentions                                      Read

Jun 19                                                        Guest Pastor

Finish the Race-On The Road To Discipleship  (4-part Series)
Jun 12 - Self-Control                                         Read
Jun  5 - Endurance / Steadfast                                Read
May 29 - Counting The Cost                                    Read
May 22 - Strengthened                                         Read

May 15 (no recording)                                         Read
May 8                                                         Guest

CTRL+ALT+DEL << REBOOT YOUR LIFE >>      (4-part Series)
May  1 - Suffering                                            Read
Apr 24 - Joy                                                  Read
Apr 17 - Relationships                                        Read
Apr 10 - Love                                                 Read

Apr 3  - Breath of Heaven                                     Read
Mar 27 Easter                                                 Read
Mar 24 Table                                                  Read
Lenten Services - Living Lent as People of the Resurrection
Mar 20 - Confirmation                                         Read
Mar 13 - Praise                                               Read
Mar 6  - Proclaim                                             Read
Feb 28 - People                                               Read

Feb 21 - Purpose                                              Read
Feb 14 - Ponder                                               Read
Mid-Week Lenten Services - Facing The Cross Series
Mar 16 - Facing Suffering                                     Read
Mar 9  - Facing One Another                                   Guest
Mar 2  - Facing Our Worldliness                               Read
Feb 24 - Facing Our Fears                                     Guest
Feb 17 - Facing Temptation                                    Read
Feb 10 - Ash Wed.- Facing Our Sins                            Read
Becoming a Missional Church
Feb 7 God's Love Through Us                                   Read
Jan 31 No "I" In TEAM                                         Read
Jan 17 You Are What You Eat                                   Read

Jan 10                                                        Guest
Jan  3                                                        Guest

2015 Sermons
Dec 27                                                        Guest
Dec 24                                                        Read

Hark the Glad Song Series
Dec 20 Song of the Church                                     Read
Dec 13 Song of the Angels                                     Read
Dec 6  Song of Mary                                           Read
Nov 29 Song of Zechariah                                      Guest
Midweek Advent Series - Darkness to Light
Dec 16 The Light Shines                                       Read
Dec 9  The Light Descends                                     Read
Dec 2  The Darkness Falls                                     Read

Nov 22 Stay Awake                                             Read
Nov 15 Faith-Filled Waiting                                   Read
Nov 8  When Faith Meets Promise                               Read
Nov 1  Hope                                                   Read
Loving Generously Series
Oct 25 One to Another

Oct 18 Called  (12A)                                          Read
Oct 11 Kind                                                   Read
Oct 4 For Sale
Sep 27 Banquet                                                Read

Sep 20 Coincidences                                           Read
Sep 13 DOUBT Consolidation

Sep 6  God's Eyes                                     Read
Because of Gods Grace...we are:

Aug 30 Ephesians 6:10-20—Armored                             Read
Aug 23 Ephesians 5:22-33—Submissive                          Read

Aug 16 Ephesians 5:6-21—Lights                               Guest Pastor
Aug 9  Ephesians 4:17-5:2-Imitators                          Guest Pastor

Aug 2  Ephesians 4:1-16—Equipped                             Read
Jul 26 Ephesians 3:14-21—Filled                              Guest Pastor

Jul 19 Ephesians 2:11-22—Temples under Construction          Read
Jul 12 Ephesians 1:3-14—Inheritors                           Read

Jul 5 Psalm 123:Trusting

Jun 28 Psalm 30:Worshiping                                   Read
Jun 21 Where Were You?                                       Guest Pastor
Jun 14 Psalm 1:Reading                                       Read
Jun 7 Psalm 130: Waiting                                     Read
May 31 It's A Mystery                                        Read
May 24 Living The Dash                                       Read
May 17 Whac-A-Mole                                           Read
Liar, Liar! The Truth about the Lies We Believe Sermon Series
May 10 Lie - I'm Kind of a Big Deal                          Read 
May 3  Lie - It Won't Hurt a Bit                             Read
Apr 26 Lie - We are living in a Material World               Read
Apr 19 Lie - All You Need is Love                            Read
Apr 12 Lie - All Roads Lead to Heaven                        Read
Apr 5  Lie - You Only Live Once                              Read

Apr 2 Maundy Thursday                                        Read
Mar 29 Graced Toward Glory                                   Read
Mar 22 Blessed & Blessings                                   Read
Mar 15 Suffering                                             No Transcript
Mar 8  Peculiar                                              Read
Mar 1  Holy, Wholly                                          Read

Wednesday Lenten Parable Sermon Series
Mar 25 The Parable of the Prodigal Son                       Read
Mar 18 The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard            Guest
Mar 11 The Parable of the Good Samaritan                     Guest
Mar 4  The Parable of the Hidden Treasure & Priceless Pearl  Read
Feb 25 The Parable of the Sower and the Seed                 Read

Feb 18 The Parable of the Pharisee & The Tax Collector       Read

Feb 22 Yearning                                              Read

Feb 15 The Power of a Glimpse                                Read
Feb 8 Live What You Preach                                   Read
Feb 1 Sticks and Stones                                      Read
Jan 25 Mercy of God                                          Read
Jan 18 In The Quiet                                          Read
Jan 11 Those Breathless Moments                              No Transcript
Jan 4 Wise Men Still Seek Him                                Read

2014 Sermons
Dec 28 Guest Pastor                                          No Transcript
Dec 24 The Gift of Christmas is Presence                     Read
Dec 21 Oh For Faith Like Mary's !                            Read
Dec 17 The Presence of Christ                                Read
Dec 14 Carols/Hymn Sing                                      No Transcript
Dec 10 The Pardon of Christ                                  Read
Dec 7  We Win !                                              Read
Dec 3  The Peace of Christ                                   Read
Nov 30 Pr. Banach                                            No Transcript
Nov 23 Seed Time
Nov 16 Tower
Nov 9  Poor
Nov 2  Living Generously
Oct 26 Baggage Drop!                                         Read
Oct 19 Guest Pastor                                          No Transcript
Oct 12 Mindset

Oct 5  From Temporal to Eternal                              Read
Sep 28 Guest Pastor                                          No Transcript
Sep 21 Pure Grace
Sep 14 But God
Sep 7  Christ Bucket Challenge

Aug 31 Whole vs Hole Perspective
Aug 24 Conformed to Transformed                              Read
Aug 17 Being People of Proclamation                          Read
Aug 10 Being People of Purpose                               Read
Aug 3  Being People of Promise                               Read

      3 Part Series - Attitudes of Faith
July 20 Pt 3-Responsiveness                                                                          Read
July 13 Pt 2-Relationship                                                                                Read

July 6  Pt 1-Reliance                                        Read
June 29 Guest Pastor                                         No Transcript     
June 22 Choices                                              Read
June 15 The Trinity                                          Read
June 8 Living Water                                          Read
June 1 "In" Not "Of"                                         Read
May 25 Guest Pastor
                                         No Transcript
May 18 Firm Foundation                                       Read

May 11 We Need a Shepherd                                    No Transcript
May 4  Prayer                                                No Transcript
Apr 27 Seeing IS Believing!                                  Read
Apr 20 Broken Seal  & Halleluia Chorus                       Read
Apr 17 Guest Pastor                                          Read   
Apr 13 Broken Justice                                        Read
Apr 9  Truth of Living                                       Read
Apr 6  Broken Promises                                       Read
Apr 2  Truth of Restoration                                  No Transcript 
Mar 30 Broken Bread

Mar 26 Truth of Presence                                     Read
Mar 23 Broken Trust                                          Read
Mar 16 Broken Vessel                                         Read 
Mar 12 Truth of Sin                                          Read
Mar 9 Restored in Christ-Broken Hearts                       Read
Mar 5 David's Blunder & Exposure                             Read 
Mar 2  Transfiguring Focus                                   Read
Feb 23 Instructions to Live By

Feb 16 He is Capable                                         Read
Feb 9 Guest Pastor                                           No Transcript
Feb 2  Life-Giving Medicine                                  Read 
Jan 26 Revealing Light

Jan 19 Wheelbarrow Faith                                     Read
Jan 12 Worth Keeping                                         Read
Jan 5  Arise! Shine!                                         No Transcript

2013 Sermons

Dec 22 Shepherd's Praise/Our Example                         Read 
Dec 8 Zechariah's Prophecy                                   Read 
Dec 1 Guest Pastor                                           No Transcript    
Nov 24 The Steward's Lifestyle                               Read 
Nov 17 The Steward's Purpose                                 Read  

Nov 3  Our Destiny                                           Read
Oct 27 Free                                                  Read  
Oct 20 Don't Lose Heart                                      Read  
Oct 13 The Golden Thread                                     Read  
Oct 6 Faithful Waiting                                       Read  
Sep 29                                                       No Transcript  
Sep 22 The Door of Forgiveness                               Read  
Sep 15 The Door of Prayer                                    Read  
Sep 8 The Door of Hospitality                                Read   
Sep 1 Useful Vessels                                         Read  
Aug 25 Narrow Door Living                                    Read  
Aug 18 Listening                                             Read  
Aug 11 A Big God                                             Read   
Aug 4                                                        No Transcript   
Jul 21                                                       No Transcript  



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